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Founded in 1994, Delta4 Projection Systems’ primary objective is to provide our customers with innovative, affordable presentation technologies, honest recommendations and the best technical support.

At Delta 4 we understand your need for a quality product and a price that meets your budget.

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Delta4 Projection Systems’ primary objective is to provide our customers with innovative, state-of-the-art presentation technologies that are affordable, while eliminating concerns over product obsolescence. At Delta4 Projection Systems, we understand the added value of embracing our customer's needs and cultures while providing them state-of-the-art presentation technologies at affordable prices. Together, this combination is key to Delta4’s continued success.

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Exclusive Audio-Visual Packages for Churches

Projectors, Projection Screens, Microphones, Amplifiers and more!

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Why choose Delta 4 Audio Visual Services?

You can deal directly with an expert Delta 4 Audio-Visual Technician who can help you and do the work you need at great rates.

For all organizations small or large, our professional delta 4 audio-visual technicians can repair, maintain, install, and hire AV equipment, help with audio-visual system design or set up and run the AV for your important events.

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We promise you will get perfect, professional, friendly service at great rates.


Trusted Company in Vancouver

Delta 4 Audio Visual Services is a reputable supplier and installer of high-quality systems for corporates and churches, amongst others.

We handle the installation of your audio-visual systems in organizations of all sizes.

  • We offer a complete design service where we’ll assist your business to achieve its audio-visual goals cost-effectively. Our installation team takes care of procuring the equipment and fitting it into your required rooms. We’ll handle the commission and staff training.
  • We collaborate with the best manufacturers to custom-design user-friendly systems. We’ve created specific packages that suit various needs and budgets. You can expect prominent brands that can last several years.
  • Apart from supplying the elements for your system and installing them. Additionally, if your system requires repairs or maintenance, our technical team can provide this service.